Stefani Selina, 17 yrs

Have you ever imagined how it feels to be alone in an unknown new place with only a clue that you will be picked up by some guy from the company? And most importantly, having no internet connection which is the greatest nightmare to other teenagers like me? That was the situation when I first arrived in Melbourne, the city where I will really start my whole new independent life, away from my parents, and pursuing the best education for my dreams. You might be questioning, how can you be that brave? Aren’t you afraid that you will be kidnapped? Here is the thing, there is no way that you can have those kind of thoughts when all you think is how to meet that driver guy that made you wait for around 15 minutes, with no information of how to activate a cell phone number, which apparently I could not obtain because I did not have any guardian for myself, an under 18 student. So all I had to do is stay positive and hope that you will meet the guy who brings a yellow card with ‘Ms. Stefani Selina’ on it. These positivity, is one of the incredible thing that I got from joining the incredible teen camp by waskita. This camp has really broaden my mind set and shape my character building, which also taught me so many values of a successful life such as balancing study and fun, learning how to be a great leader for people around us and also for ourselves, how to respect our parents and be grateful of life, and many others.

In this Incredible Teen Camp, I met many people from various backgrounds, and had made me know more of the different world that I might never have imagined before. I can meet teens from orphanages and disadvantaged families who have amazing strive to live, and they have motivated me. Moreover, the coaches were also giving materials that are super relatable and applicable in real life. All the fun games are also educating, and no session has ever been boring, because they are all super valuable and fun to know!

I can say that I am a diligent person, but not that genius who gets straight A’s and the first ranks in every lessons. However, I am a hard-worker who believes that all results will pay off all my struggle and is worth my efforts. Thus, as a result, I got the highest National Exam or Ujian Nasional mark in SMA Ursulin, defeating approximately 350 other students, and I am very very very grateful of this biggest academic achievement of my life. From this camp, I can also learn how to study effectively and still remembering to chill and have fun, with the right limitation.

Not only academic tips and tricks, but we also learnt how to be useful in life. Studying and obtaining academic knowledge is easy since we all go to the school every day and we can always study from the books or Wikipedia or even Youtube. However, to learn how to have a ‘leader character’ in ourselves, we really need guidance and a ‘life coach’. All coaches in this camp has a psychology background who can surely help with our problems, concerns, and also to give advices to improve our positive character. They all are super friendly and easy to talk to, who always give applicable advices and will guide us wholeheartedly. They will help us to make little changes which lead us to a much better great person.

Another big achievement of my high school years is that I contributed in making the most-successful-graduation-ceremony in SMA Ursulin, which everyone loves. Here, I applied my lessons from the incredible teen camp of how to manage my time, communicate with people, and manage a group of people and be in charge. Until now, I am still active in Melbourne, joining committees for musical drama performances and also charity events by Indonesian students.

I am super grateful that I learnt many important values of life which made me into this person. I know that I am still not perfect, but I am trying to be the best version of myself which can help as many people in this world. Paying a couple of millions really paid off everything that I obtained from this camp, and also, all those money was also used to help the disadvantaged students and give them the opportunity to join this wonderful camp, so that they all can grow together with us and experience the similar facility with us, luckier teens, that they might not get if we don’t help them. You will surely regret it if you don’t come and join this camp!